Natalie Cole Sets the Stage for An “Unforgettable” Summer Series

Natalie ColeWe’re ready to kick off the 2010 Lake Tahoe Music Festival summer season, and we’re doing it by announcing a performance by the incomparable Natalie Cole August 5 at Northstar-At-TahoeTM Resort. Combining R&B, jazz and pop sounds this nine-time Grammy Award-winner is an unstoppable force in music. Fans were touched by her “Unforgettable” duet with father Nat “King” Cole on 1991’s “Unforgettable…With Love,” and were equally enthralled by her 2008 release, “Still Unforgettable,” and 2009’s “Let’s Talk About Love.”

Backed by a 13-piece big band, Cole’s silky vocals are set to fill the mountain air with hits she’s recorded from the American Songbook along with so many of her own songs. She strives for a beauty and mystique in the songs she performs and also for, as she says, “lyrics and melodies that touch you and soothe you, appealing to your intellectual side, but most of all, appealing to your heart.”

Read the L.A. Times Concert Review from September 2009

With 24 albums under her belt and more than three decades in music’s limelight Cole has appealed to many people’s hearts. Elegant, sophisticated and often times nostalgic, her music is powered by vocal dexterity and an intimate and knowing way with lyrics and melody. Her versatility has led to a diverse list of No. 1 hits including “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love),” “Inseparable,” “Our Love,” “I’ve Got Love On My Mind,” “Pink Cadillac” and “Miss You Like Crazy,” just to name a few.

Read Natalie’s biography.

Watch Cole sing “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” at the White House.

Natalie Cole Discography (Click on the links to listen and watch video.)
Let’s Talk About Love, 2009
Still Unforgettable, 2008
Leavin’, 2006
Ask A Woman Who Knows, 2002
Greatest Hits Vol. 1, 2000
The Magic of Christmas, 1999
Snowfall on the Sahara, 1999
Celebration of Christmas, 1996
Stardust, 1996
Holly & Ivy, 1994
Take A Look, 1993
I’ve Got Love on My Mind, 1992
Unforgettable: With Love, 1991
Good to Be Back, 1989
Everlasting, 1987
Dangerous, 1985
I’m Ready, 1983
Happy Love, 1981
We’re the Best of Friends, 1979
I Love You So, 1979
Natalie Live, 1978
Unpredictable, 1977
Thankful, 1977
Natalie, 1976
Inseparable, 1975

Natalie Cole







About the Venue
This year we’re bringing some of our concerts to a new venue at Northstar-At-TahoeTM Resort, mid-mountain in a gently sloping bowl and overlooking a breathtaking view of mountains and valley below. We hope you enjoy this scenic addition to our concert locations.


Yellowjackets featuring Mike Stern Bring Collaboration to Lake Tahoe Music Festival

Live jazz…we’ve got it.  Amazing scenery…yep, that too.  A musical collaboration featuring some of the hottest players in the past three decades…indeed.  The Yellowjackets featuring Mike Stern swarm Lake Tahoe August 6 at Homewood Mountain Resort during this year’s Lake Tahoe Music Festival season series. 


For years the four members of the Yellowjackets and Mike Stern volleyed the idea of collaboration volleyed back and forth between the four members of the Yellowjackets and Mike Stern until it reached critical mass and they finally shared the stage at 2007’s Montreal Jazz Festival.  On stage they created magic resulting in the 2008 album “Lifecycle” and their ongoing tour.  The first Yellowjackets album in 15 years to feature a guitar player, “Lifecycle” includes seven tracks with the full quintet and three additional quartet pieces showcasing individual and collective talents of the Yellowjackets lineup.


“We’ve all been a fan of Mike’s for a long time,” Yellowjackets keyboardist and charter member Russell Ferrante said.  “Our goal was to make a recording that sounded like Mike has been in the band forever, and I think we accomplished that. To my ears, it feels cohesive—like five musicians with a genuine rapport.”


Of playing with the Yellowjackets Stern responds, “It’s so easy to play with them because they play so well together.  I think we have a lot in common musically, and our playing together felt very natural right away.”


Watch the video about the Yellowjackets and Mike Stern collaboration:


Yellowjackets Discography:

Yellowjackets – 1981

Mirage a Trois – 1985

Samurai Samba – 1985

Shades – 1986

Four Corner – 1987

Politics – 1988

The Spin – 1989

Greenhouse – 1990

Live Wires – 1991

Like a River – 1992

Run for Your Life – 1993

Dreamland – 1995

Blue Hats – 1997

Club Nocturne – 1998

Mint Jam – 2002

Time Square – 2003

Peace Round: A Christmas Celebration – 2003

Altered State – 2005

Twenty Five (Live) – 2006

Lifecycle – 2008


Mike Stern Discography (Does not include all collaborative albums):

Neesh – 1985

Upside Down – 1986

Time in Place – 1988

Jigsaw – 1989

Odds or Evens – 1991

Standards (and Other Songs) – 1992

Is What It Is – 1994

Between the Lines – 1996

Give and Take – 1997

Play – 1999

Voices – 2001

4 Generations of Miles – 2002

These Times – 2004

Fat Time – 2004

Who Let the Cats Out – 2006


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Groove to the Sounds of Fourplay July 23

For the past several years we’ve been incorporating more jazz and smooth jazz performances into the festival schedule because you’ve been asking for it.  The response has been enthusiastic and each of our jazz concerts have surpassed expectations.  Get ready for more with the 2009 Grammy-nominated all-star quartet Fourplay performing July 23 at West End Beach at Donner Lake.  Fourplay explores the reaches of contemporary jazz this summer at our first concert of the season and pulls out all the stops—they’ll even combine elements of blues, funk, R&B, pop and Celtic music!


According to some very basic laws of nature, when powerful forces come together, some form of energy is created — usually in large amounts. In music, the laws of interaction are no different. When keyboardist Bob James, bassist Nathan East, guitarist Larry Carlton and drummer Harvey Mason come togerher as Fourplay, the result is pure energy.


“I always feel a special energy coming from all four corners of this group,” says James, who originally came up with “Energy” as the title for their most recent album. “This combination of passion and intensity is what keeps me coming back for more. The energy is multiplied by a factor of four.”

“Our constant aim is to explore and push the boundaries while still satisfying our longtime fans, who have traveled this journey with us for nearly two decades,” says Mason. “They still recognize the Fourplay sound, but I believe their musical taste has been expanded along the way.”


Fourplay Discography

Fourplay – 1991

Between the Sheets – 1993

Elixir – 1994

4 – 1998

Snowbound – 1999

Yes, Please – 2000

Heartfelt – 2002

Journey – 2004

X – 2006

Energy – 2008


Chant Live Performance:


Restoration Live Performance:

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